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The world of construction is changing, and now is a great opportunity to join the robotic revolution

The Videos

Highlights from Lior's Shark Tank episode (2:15min) (English subtitles)

The Promo to Shark Tank (00:30) 1.5.2022

A full pitch by Lior on The Shark (10:36) - Hebrew



We developed and demonstrated the world's first autonomous robot capable of applying epoxy floors.

Last April we published our first videos of the POC where we presented a number of unique abilities of our robot - including applying epoxy 
We are seeking to raise over 3 million dollars in the seed round.



Flooring is one of the oldest construction fields.

Although this field is in high demand, there has not been any significant breakthrough in this area in recent time.

1930 Agri.png
2020 Agri.png
1857 tiles.png
2020 tile.png

Ditch those old, inefficient and time-consuming flooring methods and save contractors time and money. At Easy Floor Robotics, our innovative systems ensure contractors no longer have to face manual tasks such as loading materials, mixing, painting, sanding, and casting.

Our revolutionary system enables contractors to quickly create incredible designs, bringing their business into the 21st century.

Technology is transforming every part of our lives, and it is no longer a question of whether robotics will enter the flooring world, but who will be the first?

Join the revolution today with Easy Floor Robotics!

EFR robotics system is going to be the first robotics system that integrates several robots with a docking station, and it is going to be the first robotics system in the construction sector that has the ability to refill the materials autonomously.

seamless floors

Our revolutionary solution is the development of technology for the flooring market that is similar to the famous I-Robot. Our technology will integrate several robots for applying floors and a docking station with materials that are available on the market, such as epoxy.

We are developing software and hardware using machine learning, AI, computer vision, and mapping algorithms technology like SLAM (simultaneous location and mapping).

These features are important for the next generation of casting robots.

Autonomous robotic technology is the most efficient way to produce floor coatings, ensuring you can always create perfect flooring.

Robotics Industry

EFR develops the technology of the future.

The PCT (patent application) was reviewed without significant negative feedback!!!

The market research forecasts that we will see the first fully automated job site as early as 2025 and will eliminate the need for millions of construction laborers.

Construction Robots Industry

There is no question that robotic technology is going to transform the construction industry. Our innovative system will help companies reduce manual labor, materials, and building costs, while saving them considerable time too.

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